Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Santa Claus vs the Martians - 1964

You spell it S-a-n-t-a C-l-a-u-s,
Hooray for Santy Claus!
Hooray for Santy Claus!
Yeah, yeah, for Santy Claus!

He's fat and round, but jumping jiminy,
He can climb down any chiminey.
Why do we hear sleigh bells ring?
Our hearts go ding-a-ling!

Things I learned from this movie:

-The theme song is really hard to get out of your head.
-Having Santa say, "Come here, Mr. Anderson. I want to show you something," sounds quite conspiratorial.
-Martians look just like humans except they all have bad fake orange tans and wear helmets adorned with tv antane and vaccuum cleaner parts.
-Martians live in a totalitarian dictatorship.
-Martians age the same as humans.
-Earth children care more about being home for Christmas than they do about their folks.
-When a UFO is seen in the sky, only the US cares about it.
-When a UFO is seen in the sky, the US immediately blames Russia.
-When a UFO is seen in the sky, the answer is to shoot first and ask questions later.
-If you mess with Santa, it means war. A toy war!
-If you say a martian looks like a tv, he will try to kill you.
-Martian children love Earth TV programs.
-Old martians talk painfully slow and don't wear helmets.
-Little Earth girls scream when scared.
-Little Earth boys try to reason when scared. And if that doesn't work, sabotage everything.
-Martians will mistake anyone in a red coat as Santa Claus.
-Tennis bat = cool. Sword chucks will ALWAYS = cooler.

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