Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dementia 13 - 1963

This movie truly felt like your regular classic horror film as opposed to your classic cult horror film. The difference? It wasn't absolutely terrible. They tried to work with what they had in that day and age, using effects that were possible to be used in that time.

I admit when I started the movie, I feared it would be terrible. The first scene, which is also in most all plot summaries, is of a husband and wife getting into a row boat. The wife is concerned that they are not getting enough money of of the husband's mother's will. He seems unconcerned since it is her money to do as she pleases with. And then she is startled as his strength in rowing, telling him to take it easy. It is then that you learn that he has a heart condition as he replies, something along the lines of, "Your concern for my heart is touching. But it is only because you know that if I am gone you are only a stranger and not family and will get nothing." Then, near as soon as he finishes his little diatribe, he begins clutching at his chest and gasping. She searches for his pills which were empty and you come to the conclusion he had this all planned. Or that the director had this planned. Either way, it felt a little off and I wasn't certain I liked the start up. You can't just start the movie with a plot device like that. Oh well.

In anycase, from that point, the movie actually did start to get a little better. Slowly. But over all, I wasn't displeased with it. There were even moments I didn't want to take my eyes off the screen since something weird was going on there. I'm just glad my version I watched was in black and white and not color, though. And I swear I feel like I've watched this movie before. Or something very extraodinarily like it. It felt vaguely familiar.

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