Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I am a fan of really bad movies. In fact, I would consider myself a connisuer of sorts as I will not touch a bad movie that has been reworked to be made better. Example: Mystery Science Theater 3000. I enjoy watching the originals without the jokes brought into it, for I enjoy making my own.

But whether watching with friends or by myself, I enjoy making reviews at the end. I've been meaning to make a journal of sorts for putting up my movie reviews for some of the movies I have seen. I figured it was high time to start one up.

So here I am. This is my grand hello and announcement of joining. This blog will be used for one thing and one thing only. Reviews. I used to try and watch one movie a day, and I think I really should get back into that habit. I might post some old reviews to tickle my fancy and get me back into watching the movies in the first place, or perhaps just a list of the next movies I plan to watch. Either way, watch this space for further development.